Book Note: Fred Ladd’s Astro Boy and Anime Come to the Americas

Astro Boy and Anime cover Astro Boy and Anime Come to the Americas: An Insider’s View of the Birth of a Pop Culture Phenomenon by Fred Ladd, with assistance from myself, has now been officially announced by McFarland, which is publishing it on November 30th. (It is also available for pre-order at Amazon.) The book is Fred’s story of his involvement in producing the English-language versions of Astro Boy, Gigantor and Kimba, the White Lion, among other pioneering anime series, and his dealings with the such figures as Osamu Tezuka. In addition, he gives a personal history of the phenonemon that is anime.

The book is something Fred and I have been working for several years. Actually, the idea developed during conversations we had preparing for a panel discussion I was chairing  which Fred organized, for the Postwar Japanese Anime/Manga Exhibit at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Los Angeles, in April 2003.  I  will have more to say about the book closer to publication, but thought it’s time to break silence and begin putting the word out.

Author: Harvey Deneroff

Harvey Deneroff is a Los Angeles-based independent animation and film scholar specializing in labor history. He formerly taught at the Savannah College of Art and Design and was editor of Animation Magazine, Animation World Magazine, and Graiffit (published by ASIFA-Hollywood). He is the founder and past president of the Society for Animation Studies.