Pequeñas Voces (Born Under Fire)

Cartoon Brew’s Amid Amidi has posted this trailer for Eduardo Carrillo’s forthcoming Pequeñas Voces (Little Voices/Born Under Fire), a feature animated documentary about the ongoing guerrilla war in Columbia. The film’s website describes it as:

… an animated documentary based on interviews and drawing workshops with a new generation of children (8 to 13 years old) who have grown up in middle of violence and chaos in Colombia; the interviews show how they perceive their reality. Those stories are illustrated and animated using the original drawings by the children.

The computer animated film, done in the style of children’s drawings,  is an expansion of a 19-minute short done for Oxfam International (see below). Both the trailer and short are in Spanish with no English subtitles, but I think much of Carrillo’s points come through very forcefully. The website for  the short is here.

In addition, Oxfam made the following interview  (in Spanish) with Carillo at the 12th Latin American Lima  Film Festival, with several of the clips having English subtitles.

Author: Harvey Deneroff

Harvey Deneroff is a Los Angeles-based independent animation and film scholar specializing in labor history. He formerly taught at the Savannah College of Art and Design and was editor of Animation Magazine, Animation World Magazine, and Graiffit (published by ASIFA-Hollywood). He is the founder and past president of the Society for Animation Studies.

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