Omnaris on the March


When I first saw John Lasseter’s Toy Story when it came out, I must admit to being rather bored until the sequence when Woody sends the toy soldiers out on a reconnaissance mission; all of a sudden, the film came alive and I realized that, yes, computer animation had (artistically speaking) arrived. Obviously, the people making the new Omnaris nasal spray commercial posted below felt much the same way and modeled it on the very same sequence.

For an analytic look at the Onmaris spot, check out this article in The Christian Science Monitor by Marshall Blonsky, “a cultural critic who teaches semiotics at New School University.”

Author: Harvey Deneroff

Harvey Deneroff is a Los Angeles-based independent animation and film scholar specializing in labor history. He formerly taught at the Savannah College of Art and Design and was editor of Animation Magazine, Animation World Magazine, and Graiffit (published by ASIFA-Hollywood). He is the founder and past president of the Society for Animation Studies.

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