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Deneroff’s Law … of Filmmaking and Everything Else

June 8th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Animation and live action, Animation technology, Special effects, Technology

After seeing How to Train Your Dragon and The Secret of Kells back to back, I noticed that both films finished with rather elaborate and visually complex climaxes. Such sequences have become commonplace in animated films these days, and can be seen in movies ranging from Astro Boy to  Shrek Forever After, a trend that […]

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Ari Folman’s The Congress

March 19th, 2010 · No Comments · Animation and live action, Feature films, Filmmakers

Raz Greenberg, in a post on the Society for Animation Studies discussion group, pointed out the above Spanish-language clip from a Euronews report on Ari Folman’s new film, The Congress, which mixes animation and live-action. The movie is based on Stanislaw Lem sci-fi novel The Futurological Congress and is follow-up to Folman’s acclaimed animated documentary, […]

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December 31st, 2009 · 2 Comments · Animation and live action, Computer animation, Motion capture, Stereoscopic films

‘ Well, the wait is over and, whether one likes it or not, Avatar looks like the game changer that James Cameron, Jeffrey Katzenberg and other promoters of 3D movies said it would be, quieting critics who said the technology would never really work in live action. It also looks like it will be the […]

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Fantastic Mr. Fox and the New Animation Paradigm

November 30th, 2009 · No Comments · Animation and live action, Filmmakers, Motion capture, Stop motion animation

… The idea was breathtaking. Picasso’s love for American comic strips was mentioned in Gertrude Stein’s book, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. He was now thinking about making an animated version of Don Quixote! Since he knew nothing about the intricate process of making animation, Picasso had left it up to his courtiers to […]

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Dental Tales

August 15th, 2008 · No Comments · Animation and live action

On July 28th,  Daily Variety reported that, Nickelodeon’s Nick at Nite has given a 20-episode order to “Glenn Martin DDS,” a stop-motion animated comedy series from former Walt Disney Co. CEO Michael Eisner. Series reps the first to come out of Tornante Animation, a newly formed part of Eisner’s investment firm, the Tornante Co. Eisner […]

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Enchanted & Bee Movie

December 16th, 2007 · No Comments · Animation and live action, Feature films

Enchanted, the new Disney live action/animated musical is the latest post-modern pastiche that depends too much on inside jokes rather than genuine emotion. It’s the type of film one wants to work, but despite some delightful moments, soon becomes tiresome. The story begins in Andalasia, an ersatz 1950s cel animated, fairytale country, where the handsome […]

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