About the Search Engine

My Google-powered Cinema Studies 101 Search Engine was initially designed for use by students I taught at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Animation, Cinema Studies and Visual Effects. Basically, it searches a selection of English-language sites that feature articles that might be suitable for a student researching term papers and/or theses, though it is obviously useful for a others as well. It includes a wide range of sources, from blogs by noted scholars such as Kristin Thompson, David Bordwell and Michael Barrier, and a selection of online peer-reviewed journals to more mainstream sources, such as Roger Ebert’s reviews and essays, and IndieWire, which features blogs by the likes of Leonard Maltin and Peter Bogdanovich, and much in between, such as Animation World Network, cinematographer John Bailey’s Bailiwick blog and fxguide.

I have tried to include sites whose contents are unrestricted; however, there are a few, like The Hollywood Reporter, which are not, but still may be of use. Other sites of interest which are unrestricted in whole or part, such as The Guardian newspaper, are not searchable using Google and thus are not included.

I don’t pretend that this is in any way complete, and there are limitations, but it is really designed as a way to get students past the sometimes arbitrary results from unrestricted searches and help them get beyond Wikipedia (as serviceable as it might be).

Finally, I would like to acknowledge my debt to the Museum of the Moving Image’s list of Online Film and Media Journals and especially the Film Studies for Free’s list of Online Film and Media Studies Journals for making my task much easier.

In any case, I am always open for thoughts, suggestions or corrections. Feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly at harvey [at] deneroff.com.

— Harvey Deneroff

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