Jerry Beck’s Cartoon Research Blog

Technicolor Refreshment Trailer No. 1 (Let’s All Go to the Lobby)

Last month, ace animation historian Jerry Beck left the popular Cartoon Brew blog he created and co-edited with Amid Amidi. However, he didn’t stop blogging, but rather revived his semi-dormant Cartoon Research blog with a vengeance. Right now, it seems devoted to (mainly) American animation history, and also includes some occasional guest postings (e.g., Keith Scott on “The Origin of Foghorn Leghorn”). So far, it’s a delightful blend of animation history and news, which I find a must read. (For instance, check out his piece on “What Dave Fleischer did after “Mr. Bug,” where there is strong hint that Fleischer may have had something to do with the classic Let’s All Go to the Lobby trailer.)

Oxymore’s Special Fleischer Issue

Oxymore n. 3 Cover

Oxymore n. 3 back cover I just got my copy of the latest issue of the nice little French fanzine, Oxymore, which is a special Fleischer issue, to which I contributed “Max Fleischer & les studios Fleischer.” The other featured piece is Leslie Carbarga’s “L’histoire des Fleischers.” In addition, there is an interview with comic artist Kim Deitch, who talks about animation, including the work of the Fleischer Studios. Oxymore editor David Amram wanted to focus on Fleischer since he felt the studio’s contributions to animation were not really appreciated in France. The issue, which is priced at 10€, can be ordered from the publisher’s website here. Needless to say, I can’t help recommend it.